Goya & Beethoven: Finding a Voice Out of Silence


In 2015, I enrolled in an experimental art history course, titled Impossible Monsters: Goya, as the MFA was preparing for its blockbuster exhibition, Goya: Order and Disorder – one of my favorite exhibitions to this day – co-curated by Stephanie Stephanek, a Wheaton alumna. As a course founded by the W.I.I.H – Wheaton Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities – the class was co-taught with a 300-level music course on Beethoven. The exhibition curated by the two classes explored the relationship between two, 18th century artists, Goya and Beethoven, as both talented artists experienced visual and auditory loss around the same time.

As student curators, we were responsible for designing and installing the exhibition as well as researching all the prints on display.  I was lucky enough to research and write an object label for Goya’s Disparates (Flying Men), one of his well known prints from his famed series, Disparates. 

As a student board member of the W.I.I.H, I was appointed to speak about the show on opening night as well as at a lecture given by Stepanek.

Below are pictures of the exhibition in Wheaton’s smaller, inner gallery, called “The Weil.” For further information on this unique W.I.I.H course, click here.

Goya & Beethoven

Goya & Beethoven

Goya & Beethoven

Goya & Beethoven

Goya & Beethoven

Photo credit: Wheaton Quarterly staff photographers.



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